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How to Make Money Online Without a Having Website

Tuesday, 07.10.2012, 04:01pm (GMT-5)

make money online without a website
Want to make money online but don't want the hassle and costs of having a website/blog? you can do it, but do it scam-free and safe so you won't ruin your reputation.

There are many ways to make money online on your spare-time, some people even make it their full-time job because of the profits outweigh their real life job.

Some people try to make money online by having a website or a blog but end up paying more for server costs, domain names and advertising to bring in traffic and don't get enough money to cover those expenses.

You don't HAVE TO own a website to make money online, there are other ways, you can do it from selling products, selling services even to offer links to others.

Below is how you can make money on-line that's proven to be scam-free aka trusted by others without having to deal with the problems of having your own website.

1. Sell your stuffs online on ebay or amazon.

You can open an ebay account or amazon seller account and list your used stuffs there like your old laptop, cellphone, even your brother's old playstation games on there, as long as you don't steal other people's stuffs and sell them on these websites.
If you got caught, there will be consequences.

2. Be a freelance online writer

Some websites would hire people to write stuffs on their blog or website, you just need to find these trusted websites, such as pays you $100-$150 per month for up to 30 articles, which is quite decent.

3. Make Money Online by Referring links

If you are active on forums and message boards, you can make money online by posting links as well.
Websites like linkbucks and adfly pay you money by referring urls using their services.

For example, you want to post a link to a CNN website on a forum, instead of posting on that forum, you can post that same link using adfly link so you can make some money whenever people go to that cnn link through your adfly link.

4. Make Money Browsing Websites

Excuse me? I can make money browsing websites? YES, it's true, if you have time browsing internet and websites for free, why don't you do it for money?

Pay to surf websites like this Easy Hits pay you money for browsing websites in their system, those websites have been filtered by them not to harm your computer, so as long as you don't do anything stupid in those websites, you are pretty much safe looking at those sites and get paid.

5. Enter logo or design contest

If you are good at designing logos, enter one of these contests, if you win you can make some money using your talents right?

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