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London 2012 vs Beijing 2008, Which One is Better?

Sunday, 07.29.2012, 11:29am (GMT-5)

Beijing vs London olympics ceremonyWe have seen 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony, and there were highs and lows in that event. Personally, even though I enjoyed it, it never pumped me up or gave me goosebumps or pulled the wows out of my mouth like Athens and Sydney did, let alone Beijing.

I still remember those moving blocks from Beijing 2008, me and my friends were like, 'cool, how much did they spend on those machines?' and then suddenly those Chinese HUMANS came out from those blocks to our disbelief. My friend literally shouted 'that is so f*cking impossible', and who would forget that Chinese old man lighting up the torch in the sky?

London on the other hand, took a very different route from Beijing, knowing they never had the budget nor the human resources to do grand things Beijing had done.

I do however, respect all the thoughts, efforts, creativity and hardworks Mr. Boyle and his performers put in the show, and it was filled with humor and the feel-good feelings.

What I didn't like was how they put in political elements into it, like the NHS. I know that they wanted to show gratitude to their health care system, but doing it in an event like Olympics? hmmm......

What I hated the most (yes, I said hate, it's quite a strong feeling here) was the love story where the teenagers texting, updating status etc. Me and my wife were looking at each other in disbelief. It was like watching a cheap daytime soap opera that most of us try to avoid like a disease. What does this thing has anything to do with Olympics and showing what we humans are capable of?

I loved the Industrial Revolution and the literature part, they showed what we humans can move forward and advance to the next stage of civilization.

And Mr.Bean? that was amusing. Better yet? James Bond and his new Bond 'girl', the Queen herself. That was brilliant.

The Chariots of Fire was really good. Overall, despite the chaotic love story soap opera, they did a great job with such budget.

However, there was a part I'm sure the Queen was on the same page with me, when she got so bored, she played with her fingernails while I tried to keep my wife awake until the American contingent showed up.

What do you think of the London Olympic Opening Ceremony?

Below is the Beijing 2008 vs London 2012 Olympics comparisons, got it from facebook feed, I'll just drop it here below.
Beijing vs London olympics ceremony

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