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MacBook Thief Arrested With Apple's Cool Software
Friday, 06.03.2011, 02:43am
Ok, this is a cool one, this guy, his name is Joshua Kauffman of Oakland, CA, has his MacBook stolen. He reported to the police but they couldn't do anything, so he took things in his own hands.
Garage Disquised As A House
Friday, 06.03.2011, 02:16am
Who would have thought this house turns out to be a garage. Amazing design for a garage I'd say
Amazing Transportation Sculptures From Steel Wires
Sunday, 05.29.2011, 10:35pm
These things are truly a masterpiece from a sculptor Shi Jindian. They may look like some computer models made of maya, but they are not. They are real, and they are made of wires.
Amazing Sculptures From Wire Meshes
Sunday, 05.29.2011, 09:45pm
Italian sculptor, Mattia Trotta creates amazing sculptures from wire meshes.
Drawing With Wi-Fi Signal
Sunday, 05.29.2011, 09:30pm
Now this is some art. A team of  Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen and Einar Sneve Martinussen, creates an art made of wi-fi signal.
Creative Children's Bedroom Design
Wednesday, 05.25.2011, 07:51pm
A bedroom is  not only your place to sleep, it's also a place where others may judge your personality from. It reflects your what kind of person you are, and in some cases, it shows what your hobbies and the things your interested at.
Coolest Room With Floated Pirate Ship
Friday, 05.13.2011, 02:04am
Seen Peter Pan? wish you could fly and land on a pirate ship and fight Hook? or wish you could have your own Black Pearl in your room? this cool designer Steve Kuhl just made a boy's wildest dreams came true.
28 Million Dollars House In The Sky
Tuesday, 05.10.2011, 08:35pm
we all know renting or owning an apartment in Manhattan can be VERY costly, let alone owning a HOUSE. But this house is different, it is located on top of a building, and it is SUPER expensive.
Robots.txt and SEO
Friday, 05.06.2011, 08:58am
Most webmasters know that SEO is very important, and sometimes the search engine robots, or spider, or crawlers get in the way and crawl some unwanted pages or folders in our websites. We can prevent this using robots.txt.
Super Cool Umbrellas
Thursday, 05.05.2011, 07:08pm
some of the best umbrella designers to keep inventing cool umbrellas for our convenience. Some of them enable you to watch movies underneath the umbrella, and some of them hold your coffee for you. Don't believe it? Check them out below.
How To Boost Your Site Traffic For Free
Wednesday, 05.04.2011, 06:47pm
Not many bloggers or site owners have money to advertise their blogs and have to do with what they have and most of the time try to do whatever it takes to increase their visitors for free. Here are some tips to do it without spending a penny.
Zombie Proof House
Tuesday, 05.03.2011, 09:06am
Now this is truly a house that will shield you from the invasion of zombies, and while they are scratching your walls, you can have your wine while watching Resident Evil's DVD Collection.
Tips For Higher Page Rank
Friday, 04.29.2011, 02:12am
Many new webmasters are quite desperate and confused on increasing their page rank, often they overdo it, they get banned instead because of spamming. Here are the tips to get higher page rank safely
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