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'UFO' Cloud over Moscow
Tuesday, 10.13.2009, 08:25pm
'Independence Day' cloud hovers above MoscowLast week Muscovites were stunned to see a luminous, halo-shaped cloud hovering above their city.
NASA Bombed Moon In Search For Water
Friday, 10.09.2009, 10:37am
NASA has successfully crashed two unmanned spacecraft into the suface of the moon in a bid to detect the presence of water.
3D Joystick For Cellphone
Friday, 10.09.2009, 06:59am
KDDI showed a low-cost, 3D joystick for mobile phones with two different applications on display for use with the technology, one gaming application and another one for viewing photo
Toshiba's Super Advance TV Based on Cell Chip
Monday, 10.05.2009, 09:30pm
Toshiba shows the first television based on the powerful Cell multimedia processor, with the ability to simultaneously record eight high-definition channels.
What Supersonic Looks Like
Wednesday, 07.01.2009, 11:48am
The breaking of the sound barrier is not just an audible phenomenon, it also can be quite visual.
HTC's Hero Ready To Rock
Wednesday, 07.01.2009, 11:38am
HTC has unveiled the first Flash-equipped Android smartphone, the Hero, which sports an intuitive interface called "Sense"
Nvidia to Android: We're Just Not That Into You
Wednesday, 07.01.2009, 11:33am
A collective "aargh" resonated throughout the Linux blogosphere in response to Nvidia's dissing of Android in favor of Windows CE for running smartbooks.
On the Road to 4G
Wednesday, 07.01.2009, 11:21am
WiMax and LTE are two of the more talked-about technologies, but their development paths are vary and they may end up doing different jobs.
Verizon finally releasing BlackBerry Storm update this weekend
Friday, 05.29.2009, 10:08pm
An incredible way to start the weekend, Storm owners: Verizon is finally pulling the trigger on a firmware update, which will be available to all comers starting on Sunday at 3PM Eastern time.
touchscreen Coke machine brings pop into the 21st century
Friday, 01.16.2009, 10:32pm
select your pop bottle, spin it around, take a look at the ingredients, and vend -- quasi-Minority Report-style.