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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Tuesday, 04.26.2011, 03:14am

Among those people who own a blog or website, often hear about how importance SEO is. What is SEO really? and how it can affect your blog or website? and what can you do to boast your website or blog with SEO?


What is Backlinks and How Important is it?
Tuesday, 07.10.2012, 03:14pm
If you are have a blog, you must always wonder how your backlinks building doing? you are right to do so, because quality backlinks is important to your site's page rank in Google Search.
Is Google Penguin Update Good for SEO?
Tuesday, 07.10.2012, 02:49pm
google penguinGoogle's battle with black-hat SEO is still ongoing, and this time, Google released a new update in algorithm called Google Penguin. Is it good or bad for your current SEO?
Hide/Show Spoiler Code in HTML Format
Wednesday, 06.13.2012, 07:27pm
Like the spoiler code in forums or wordpress and wanna implement it in your HTML but don't know how? worry no more, below is the HTML code to make show/hide button like the spoiler thing.
Don't Buy Traffic To Your Site, Drive Them Instead
Thursday, 12.15.2011, 11:02pm
trafficDid you just start a blog? and you have no traffic? you must be tempted to buy traffic from some traffic services, like 1000 visitors for $5 or something like that, well... don't.
Simple Ways To Boost Your Traffic
Thursday, 11.24.2011, 01:56pm
If you happen to own a blog or a website, whether it is a content blog or selling stuffs, traffic is very important, and these are some simple ways to boost your traffic.
Robots.txt and SEO
Friday, 05.06.2011, 08:58am
Most webmasters know that SEO is very important, and sometimes the search engine robots, or spider, or crawlers get in the way and crawl some unwanted pages or folders in our websites. We can prevent this using robots.txt.
How To Boost Your Site Traffic For Free
Wednesday, 05.04.2011, 06:47pm
Not many bloggers or site owners have money to advertise their blogs and have to do with what they have and most of the time try to do whatever it takes to increase their visitors for free. Here are some tips to do it without spending a penny.
Tips For Higher Page Rank
Friday, 04.29.2011, 02:12am
Many new webmasters are quite desperate and confused on increasing their page rank, often they overdo it, they get banned instead because of spamming. Here are the tips to get higher page rank safely
Google Page Rank
Friday, 04.29.2011, 01:15am
What is Google's Page Rank? and what does it do to your website? and how often does it updated? read this article to find out what Google Page Rank is and how important it is to your site.
Meta Tags and SEO
Thursday, 04.28.2011, 03:17pm

What is Meta Tags and How important it is to your SEO effort? does it really help your page or article in showing up higher on search engines? hit the link to read more about Meta Tags and how to apply them

Five Simple Steps To Improve Your Page Rank Through SEO
Thursday, 04.28.2011, 02:12pm

This is the simplest five steps tips to get your article in your blog or site to get crawled by search engines and optimized to get better rankings and show up on first pages on search engines.

How To Prepare Your Article or Page For Search Engines
Tuesday, 04.26.2011, 03:50am
If you want your articles or pages in your site to show up in the search engines, you will need to add something and prepare your articles and pages and optimize them for search engines to be search-able and crawled so they would show up when people search for something related to your article or web pages.
Cara Mudah Meningkatkan Pengunjung Blog
Tuesday, 01.12.2010, 01:03pm

Meningkatkan trafic atau pengunjung sebuah blog sangat banyak caranya. Salah satu cara yang paling sering dipakai yaitu dengan mengoptimalisasi sebuah artikel yang memang ditujukan untuk menaikkan pengunjung atau istilah kerennya yaitu ‘nembak keyword’