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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Tuesday, 04.26.2011, 03:14am (GMT-5)

Among those people who own a blog or website, often hear about how importance SEO is. What is SEO really? and how it can affect your blog or website? and what can you do to boast your website or blog with SEO?

Let's say, you have an article about a hair product and how to avoid losing hair, but when you search about it on search engines, your article didn't come up, or maybe came up on the third page which practically won't get any visitors. You will need to do SEO to get your article to come up on the first page.

I'd say there is almost impossible that without search engine optimization or SEO you will be able to achieve higher Website popularity. SEO methods are various techniques and ways which you can use to make your blog or site functional for it to be listed as one of the top results on search engines. Of course, the ultimate goal is to bring in more traffic to your blog or site as more and more people visit it, you will gain more revenue.

To use SEO first you need to learn what it is and how to use it to optimize its functionality, and you will have to get to know various SEO techniques and strategies to be able to strengthen each one of them.

Search Engine Optimization is the most effective and inexpensive way to help your Web site gain more visitors and  page views by creating web pages that rank highly in search engine results.

There is no such thing as magic of for writing an article that will rank highly suddenly in search engines, but there are a few things you can do to boost your articles or pages to do better in search engines:

1. Write contents, good and strong ones.
     Good contents bring visitors back as regulars, therefore you need to focus to write good and quality contents.  Search engines always crawl to provide links to relevant pages, therefore they are consistently updating their programs to read and review the content of web pages and articles to make sure that it really is about what you say it's about. Content is mightily important on a web page in your site for both for your readers and for search engines, so be sure to make it your highest priority.

2. Valid and Simple HTML.
     Simple and valid HTML really help pages get crawled by search engines, they are much more than just meta keywords and meta descriptions.

3. Good keywords.
      What makes up a good keyword can be tricky, but that is what you should be optimizing your page for. Don't try to cover too many keywords, instead, focus on one keyword that really represents your content, and make sure that that keyword is repeated over and over in your content, headlines, and links within the page.

4. Optimize your page, don't optimize the whole site.
     While optimizing the whole site makes your life a lot easier than optimizing page by page, it won't get any of the pages the maximum exposure that you want. Try to focus on optimizing the pages, one page at a time, no rush - find the best keyword that represents that page the best, and optimize it instead. Then move on and do the same thing to the next page or content in your site. If you do this to every page on your site, your visitors will have more access to find the pages on your site.

Be Patient And Don't Give Up on SEO

It doesn't take overnight to see the results of SEO. Even if you submit a request to a search engine to crawl your site or a specific web page, it will take days to weeks for it to show up in the search results. If you are optimizing an existing article or page that's already crawled and displayed in the search engine, it will take even longer for the changes to take effect.

However, don't feel down or discouraged by it. Remember, keywords are very important, unless you picked a very unpopular keyword, it can be very difficult to inside the first page in most search engines, especially big ones like Google, Bing or Yahoo, so just keep doing it, the results in the future are worth the time and effort. Believe Me.


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