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How To Boost Your Site Traffic For Free

Wednesday, 05.04.2011, 06:47pm (GMT-5)

Traffic; this is the word that's the most commonly spoken of among webmasters or blog owners. This is what they want the most and would do anything to get as much as possible.

Why traffic is so valuable? because the more traffic you have the bigger audience you have so you have a bigger market that will attract advertisers to advertise on your site hence brings more money to you.

If you don't make money from advertising, instead making money by selling stuffs. If nobody visits your site to whom are you going to sell your stuffs to? see?

A lot of blog or site owners struggle to get traffic to their blogs or websites, unless they have some extra money to put in advertising and expose their sites on advertising networks. But of course, not many bloggers or site owners have that kind of luxury, and have to do with what they have and most of the time try to do whatever it takes to increase their visitors for free.

Here are some tips to do it without spending a penny:

1. Search Engine Friendly.
     You need to make sure that your website is search-engine friendly so whenever an internet user searching for something related to your website, your website shows up on the search results. How to do it? you need to submit your website to various search engines and directories, such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and MSN, it's also worth your time submitting your site to lesser known web directories. If your website is included and listed in as many directories and search engines as possible, it can boost your site's visibility and rankings in major search engines as well.

2. Include your Website link in your email Signature
    There is a feature in your email options called signature. Include your link in it, so whenever you email someone, they might check out the link in that email and become your website visitor. You can also describe the title or the purpose of your website in that signature as well.

3. Be Active In Forums
     Don't be just visitors to forums, be active and post in those forums, especially in forums that related to your site. Find forums that are related to your products or website, there must be plenty if you google them, register and be active, don't forget to put a signature that has a link to your website. This is a permanent link and will be your one way backlink to your site, which is more useful than link exchange since link exchanges are 2 way link which is not the best in search engine page rank algorithms.  Remember, just don't overdo it, otherwise people will think you are spamming in forums and you lose respect, and those forum users will avoid visiting your links instead.

4. Comment On Other People's Blogs
     This is called blog-walking. What exactly it is? you visit other blogs that are related to yours, read their articles, comment on their articles, and comment nicely, not trashy comments, it will not be approved and your IP may end up blocked for spamming. You comments and link will remain on their blog as long as the owner doesn't delete them. Those links will become one way back-link to your site, which is very helpful and other visitors who read your comments might be intrigued and click on your username and get redirected to your site, hence becomes your site's visitor as well.

5. Link Exchange
      You many need to create a page dedicated to link exchange only, meaning that other site owners who want to exchange links with your site can be listed on that page, and in return, a link to your site can be put on their link exchange page as well. Try to get in touch with other non-competing website owners to propose link exchange, both of you will benefit from this as this will increase your sites' page rank.

6. Traffic Exchanges
     Unlike link exchange, that only exchange links on each others site without actually bringing visitors immediately unless the other site's visitors click on the link on their link exchange page. This traffic exchange brings you immediate visitors in exchange of you visiting other sites. You may need to look into these kind of traffic, they may not be the best traffic you're looking for, as they may not become regular visitors to your site, but this is the fastest way to get your site some visitors.
How does this work? let's say you visit one site, you get one credit, that one credit will allow other internet user to visit your site once. If you visit 100 other sites, you get 100 credits that allow 100 other users to visit your site.
Here is some pretty good traffic exchange sites that will help you boost your site's traffic:
Traffic Exchange with 160,000+ members

7. Write Good Articles.
    Good articles will make people to like your site, and good chance they will share those articles by emailing the link to their friends or share the link on their facebook page or on their twitter. This kind of strategy is the best to get loyal visitors whom will visit your site more often than those you get from link exchange or traffic exchange. You should submit that article to article directories along with your author bio and bio as well and make your article spread around the web like wildfire, which will make people curious about you and go to your website for more. Isn't that a great free publicity?

8. Use The Right Keywords For Your Page.
    Keywords are very important for a page to be crawled by search engines. Keywords define the particular page on your site, when people searching through the search engine, they always search for particular word, and if that word matches your keyword, your page/website will show up on the search engine's search result.
For example, your page is about hair products, than put hair, product, and hair product as your main keywords, DO NOT use keywords that don't belong to your page, your page or even your site can be penalized by search engines and your site will no longer show up on the search results. THAT will be the last thing you want if you want your site to stay alive.

9. Advertise Your Site.
    Advertise your site doesn't necessarily mean that you need to pay for it. There are many free classified ad websites, such as craigslist, inetgiant, freeadvertisingforum, and gumtree that you can use to submit your site as advertising and visible to those who visit those sites.

10. Create A MySpace or Facebook Page.

       A MySpace or Facebook page could increase your site's pageviews dramatically because everytime you update your content, and you post the update on your page, your fans or followers will get the status update and visit your site again, and again and again.

11. Keep Updating Your Site's Content.
       This can keep your visitors to keep visiting your site, otherwise they'd get bored because of lacking updates. Search engines are more friendly towards sites that get updates frequently as well.

12. Submit Your Website and Content To Social Bookmarking Sites
       Submitting your content to top social bookmarking sites such as Digg or Stumbler is very important as it will expose your content to thousands of users of those sites and if some of them visit your site, and share your site as well, you'd get priceless promotion, one way backlinks and a lot of visitors from them as well.

Hope this helps you to get more visitors to your site. But remember, be patient, because it takes time for these tips to take their effect.

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