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Simple Ways To Boost Your Traffic

Thursday, 11.24.2011, 01:56pm (GMT-5)

If you happen to own a blog or a website, whether it is a content blog or selling stuffs, traffic is very important, and there are works to be done to get traffic to your blog to make a sale.  We need to be consistent on working on our methods to keep getting traffic flowing in. In this article you will know the 10 simple ways on how to start increase and improve your traffic.

1. Blog Walking / Guest Posting and/or Commenting on Blogs –research to find blogs and ask if they accept guest posts. Post helpful comments on posts and leave your link. Get involved and start building your reputation! A good place to find blogs that need guest posts is BloggerLinkUp.

2. Launch an Article Marketing Campaign – Writing an article is not that hard and also it can help you increase your traffic. In making an article you don’t need to use fancy words in expressing thoughts, because people who read this want it to be simple and straight forward on the points your explaining at. Then submit your article on those prominent article directories on the web.

3. Relevant Keywords –Having a good keyword would be very helpful in building traffic; your keyword should be catchy. And there are a lot of free keyword suggestion tools you can use to find the top keyword searches for your niche.

4. Yahoo Answers – Visit Yahoo Answers regularly and post as many answers as you can but be sure to follow their policies, and don't get market as spammer, you will get bad reputation instead. You cannot try to directly lead people to your purchasing pages or leave low quality answers with your website link.

5. Make your site interactive – In order to get your visitors come back to your blog/site as often as possible, Make your site interactive with forums, polls, surveys. With the help of this you will get repeat visits and longer stays, because they feel more involved with what your site is offering.

6. Business Cards – Produce an successful business card and hand them out wherever you go. Be sure to make it exclusive and unique. Offer a discount on a first order. Add a personal message. Offer a freebie. Make your business card more than just your name and address.

7. Mobile Billboard – Make moving billboard to promote your website wherever you go. A day of fun can bring you a lot of traffic from your mobile billboard!

8. Social Media – These days’ social media sites is really an in demand way on reaching to people. Visit message boards and forums and really gets involved. Becoming an active contributor in social media may do wonders for your traffic.

9. Sitemap - A sitemap will allow more accessibility to your pages by the search engines, create a sitemap that you can submit to any seach engines that would help people locate your stablishment. And with this your pages is easier to find by people doing searches.

There are many ways to get more traffic in your site, but thus ways may suit you or it might not suit you, this ideas on this article can be both useful and not, or you can always mold and improve this ideas to make this suitable on your site. Traffic can not come easily but by working hard and trying new ideas, and finding out what works best for you will be very effective in boosting your traffic.

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