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Don't Buy Traffic To Your Site, Drive Them Instead

Thursday, 12.15.2011, 11:02pm (GMT-5)

Website trafficDid you just start a blog? and you have no traffic? you must be tempted to buy traffic from some traffic services, like 1000 visitors for $5 or something like that, well... don't.

Why is that you ask? by buying traffic, you might get visitors. but they are not quality visitors, as they might stay on your site for probably only 10 seconds and leave, but by driving traffic to your site from high quality sites like facebook or twitter, you might actually gained new readers that will keep coming back to your site every day, and they are exactly the high quality traffic that you want.

How to drive them and keep them coming back to your site? keep updating your blog is the number one thing to do, as they will keep something new to read and don't get bored. You also need to promote your blog to your friends, put an ad to local newspaper or posters could get new readers as well.

But I'm desperate to have traffic now and don't have much budget to promote on newspaper, and traffic sellers like linkbucks or are selling traffic on the cheap, should I buy it?

It's really up to you to buy that kind of traffic, but these are high traffic that don't convert. They don't even look at your site, what you need to do is to put your ad with adwords or adbrite, you will get visitors that match your niche, like say your blog is about automobiles, than put your ads on facebook or adwords that target those visitors.

You may get those visitors to keep coming back to your blog and keep checking out new updates from you.

If you really are that desperate to advertise online, choose these credible ad-networks:
- Adwords
- Facebook Advertising
- Adbrite
- Smowtion
or Clicksor

Remember, what you want is not just high amount of traffic but high quality traffic


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