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Hide/Show Spoiler Code in HTML Format

Wednesday, 06.13.2012, 07:27pm (GMT-5)

Like the spoiler code in forums or wordpress and wanna implement it in your HTML but don't know how? worry no more, below is the HTML code to make show/hide button like the spoiler thing.

<a id="show_id" onclick="document.getElementById('spoiler_id').style.display=''; document.getElementById('show_id').style.display='none';" class="link">[Show]</a><span id="spoiler_id" style="display: none"><a onclick="document.getElementById('spoiler_id').style.display='none'; document.getElementById('show_id').style.display='';" class="link">[Hide]</a><br>spoiler_content</span>

it will look like this below


and if you want to put it into a div box, you can, the code is below;

<div id="showwithbox_id" onclick="document.getElementById('spoilerwithbox_id').style.display=''; document.getElementById('showwithbox_id').style.display='none';" style="border:dotted 1px; width:200px; height:100px;">Click anywhere inside the box to show spoiler.</div><div id="spoilerwithbox_id" onclick="document.getElementById('spoilerwithbox_id').style.display='none'; document.getElementById('showwithbox_id').style.display='';" style="display:none;border:dotted 1px; width:200px; height:100px;">spoiler_content<br><br>Click anywhere inside the box to hide spoiler.</div>

it will look like this below:

Click anywhere inside the box to show spoiler.

hope this helps.

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