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Is Google Penguin Update Good for SEO?

Tuesday, 07.10.2012, 02:49pm (GMT-5)

google penguinGoogle's battle with black-hat SEO is still ongoing, and this time, Google released a new update in algorithm called Google Penguin. Is it good or bad for your current SEO?

There are good news and bad news.

If you are using a black-hat SEO, your site might get punished and worst, it could disappear completely from Google Search Engine, and that will be the last thing you want, or at least the last thing I want, as about 20% of my visitors are from Google search.

So what matters here in Google's Penguin update?

Content is KING and Will Always Be

Write quality content, don't just copy paste from other sites to your site and that's it. Google's new algorithm will match your content with others' and if yours 'look' too similar to theirs, yours won't show up on Google search, so your work on copy-pasting will be a waste of time and energy.

Better write something new, or research more then write a better content than your competitors', Google will reward you for sure with high page rank.

DO NOT Over-optimized Your Keywords

Do NOT repeat your keywords over and over, especially if you are using the trick of putting the keywords and then make the font's color match the background so it won't be seen by your visitors. WRONG!
Google's new update will 'act' less like a machine and more like a real human in reading your content. It WILL find out these kind of tricks and your content will get punished.

Be VERY Careful with your Link-Building

Did you pay someone to get 20,000 backlinks for $10? STOP it! This actually might put your site in danger, because Google now will only reward backlinks from reputable websites, so instead of linking your site from 10,000 bad sites, 10 links from high quality sites is better for your website's page rank.

There, now you know what's the key point of Google Penguin update. Google wants you to spend more time on content and less time on SEO tricks, so you can scrap that SEO cheat sheet and start writing better stuffs for your readers to read.


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