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What is Backlinks and How Important is it?

Tuesday, 07.10.2012, 03:14pm (GMT-5)

If you are have a blog, you must always wonder how your backlinks building doing? you are right to do so, because quality backlinks is important to your site's page rank in Google Search.

The more important thing is that you get backlinks from other reputable websites that's relevant to your site's content.

For example, my IndoNewYork site is well known for its soccer articles and news, and I did get one backlink from this site called Bleacher Report, which picked up my post about how Spanish goalkeeper looks like a Llama, my page rank and search result soared to first page, and possibly top 5 of search results.

Bleacher Report backlink to IndoNewYork

now you try search for De Gea Llama, you should see my IndoNewYork site show up on top 5 of the Google Result.

That is the wonder of quality backlinks. Just a couple backlinks from quality sites like Bleacher Report, ESPN or such to your sports site, you will get your page rank hiked like crazy.

If you blog about gadgets, try to get a backlink from high quality sites like engadget or gizmodo, and you will suddenly get huge amount of traffic and it will get your page rank boosted.

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