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Villa Escudero - Amazing Restaurant under Waterfall
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 01:23am
villa escudero smallVilla Escudero has to be one of the most exotic restaurants there is. It is located right under a waterfall, so it feels cold on your feet while you have the hot food, isn't nice?
Heaven under Wakatobi’s waters
Tuesday, 01.19.2010, 06:06am
Take a good look at the water too. Occasionally, you can clearly see the coral from the boat.
10 Hotel concepts of the world: Unique getaways U will never forget
Sunday, 12.13.2009, 03:05am
These 10 hotel concepts are all unique in their own ways, each of them offering the guests a splendid and unique getaway experience that is pretty far from the norm, and one that it would be very hard to forget.
10 Most Incredible Things To Do Before U Die
Sunday, 12.13.2009, 02:44am

Wow! Can you imagine the adrenaline rush you could get from these 10 amazing activities!

It would cost a pretty penny to engage in most of these activities, but what the heck, you can’t take it with you anyway and if you should die in pursuit of completing this list, then you’ll have died doing what only a handful of other people have done in their lifetime.