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Summary of President Barack Obama AMA on Reddit
Thursday, 08.30.2012, 04:35pm
US Commander in Chief, Barack Obama held a question and answer session on Reddit, called I am Barack Obama AMA (Ask Me Anything), and here is the summary of the questions and answers in that short 30 minutes.
Villa Escudero - Amazing Restaurant under Waterfall
Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 01:23am
villa escudero smallVilla Escudero has to be one of the most exotic restaurants there is. It is located right under a waterfall, so it feels cold on your feet while you have the hot food, isn't nice?
Racist Ad - See Asia Like Asians Do
Monday, 06.25.2012, 09:25pm
This advertising poster has stirred controversies on the web-world, as you need to do a chinky eyes like Asians in order to see what the poster says.
China's Beautiful Weapons - They Are Sexy and They Kick Ass
Wednesday, 05.16.2012, 10:01pm
Have you seen naked weapon? That film is based on this project by China to create beautiful soldiers that can fool any man with their beauty and sexiness.
Cute Schoolgirl Jumped Off Building Because of School Policy
Monday, 04.23.2012, 08:01pm
A cute Chinese schoolgirl commits suicide by jumping off her apartment building and died because of her school rules.
The Secret Training Of Young Chinese Swimmers
Monday, 10.03.2011, 12:40am
China has long been highly secretive about its sporting system, so uncovering answers to these questions has not been easy. Among those secrets, it was told that their brutal training has been the debate of many, especially when it involves young children.
Brutal Execution Of Jewish People
Wednesday, 05.11.2011, 01:01am
Holocaust is certainly one of the darkest event in our modern history. Many people are still terrified by the many stories from the holocaust survivors, but how bad is it really? It is very bad, so bad, that people with weak stomach or heart really shouldn't look at these pictures
HK Airline's Beautiful Flight Attendants Are Kung Fu Masters
Sunday, 04.24.2011, 02:52am
Remember when you board an airplane, and one of those beautiful and sexy flight attendants assists you and shows you your seat, you can't help but to think whether or not you should ask her out? well, you might want to think again, especially when you board Hong Kong Airline's planes.
700 Children Dance To Michael Jackson's 'Dangerous'
Wednesday, 04.20.2011, 02:48am
An amateur video showing more than 700 school kids dancing to Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" at a school in China has taken the web by storm.
Only Virgin Girls Allowed To Work Here
Tuesday, 04.19.2011, 09:49am
sounds ridiculous? well, that happened, this company requires only virgin women with good body curve and at least C-Cup breast size to apply. And they will filter applicants carefully, the pay is pretty good though. hit the link for the pictures and more details
How China Won The Olympics
Saturday, 12.04.2010, 07:34pm
Have you ever wondered how China won the Olympics which had been dominated by The US and Russia all this time? See the pictures that explain everything.
Stephen Hawking: Fear Aliens, 9/11 No Big Deal, Who Needs God?
Monday, 09.13.2010, 11:28pm
Stephen Hawking is smart! So when he says things - like there's no way God created the universe - we should probably believe them. Here are the best of the physicist's often-controversial opinions.
10 Kecelakaan Termahal dalam Sejarah
Friday, 07.02.2010, 01:14am
Inilah daftar 10 kecelakaan termahal dalam sejarah manusia, tapi tahukah anda kecelakaan mana yang paling mahal?
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