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Only Virgin Girls Allowed To Work Here

Tuesday, 04.19.2011, 09:49am (GMT-5)

sounds ridiculous? well, that happened, this company requires only virgin women with good body curve and at least C-Cup breast size to apply. And they will filter applicants carefully, the pay is pretty good though. 

The ads says "West Mountain is hiring tea-leaf pickers. Employee candidate has to be a woman with no sexual experience (virgin), has a bra size of at least C, and has no visible scar or visible wound on her body with a uniform." 

This job posting has came under fire for its discrimination and vulgarity.

The employer, a management official, responded, "It’s true. It is to pass on our great traditions." The company also said that a tea culture festival will be kicked off featuring 10  at least C-cup virgins chosen  from the hiring performing picking tea leaves this spring.

According to the job ads posting, the tea-leaf pickers will be required to collect "mouth lip tea" during the harvest season. They have to clean their mouths, lips and bodies on time every day and  have to be in great shape. The  pay is 500 yuan, or US$75 daily, which is not bad by Chinese standards.

The "mouth lip tea" comes from a folk legend that long time ago, tea leaves used to be picked by fairy maidens with their mouths. When the boiling water is being poured onto these tea leaves, these maidens will ascend amidst steam into the sky. Aroma and taste from the tea made from these leaves is said to cure diseases.

According to the same legend, earlier last century, some Chinese tea lords  were doing experiments with "tea in the breasts." virgins age 16 year old were asked to do the tea picking in midnight and put leaves into their bra  between their breasts. Once they are finished their work, which has to be done before sunrise, the tea leaves should have absorbed enough of the virgins’ body scent and aroma, and would make such great tea. This practice was being phased out before it had the chance to become nationwide widespread.

 Pretty much the same practice is being done today by this hiring company which expects these girls to keep the tea leaves in their mouths before making tea out of them. Virginity and body shape are the selling points this company want to exploit to convince consumers and clients that such tea is of yin (femininity) and purity.

What do you think about this? A discrimination? Or do you believe such wonderful actually exists from these kinds of practice?


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