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700 Children Dance To Michael Jackson's 'Dangerous'

Wednesday, 04.20.2011, 02:48am (GMT-5)

An amateur video showing more than 700 school kids dancing to Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" at a rural school in China has taken the web by storm.
The video, created and sponsored by Duping Primary School in collaboration with the local press, shows Chinese boys and girls moonwalking and dancing to Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" just like the way the late "King of Pop" did.
The school's board and faculty also attached a message in the end of the video that reads "all our efforts are worthwhile as long as the children grow up happily."

Wang Zhonghua, one of the producers, who is also a teacher at Duping Primary School and has never studied modern dance, said the decision to use Michael Jackson's hit song was just a coincidence. "The children seemed to enjoy the song," he said.
Mr. Wang and the other teacher, Ran Jia studied MJ's video and learned how to perform the dance themselves before teaching their students how to do it.
"The children learned really fast and they could do the moves well in just one week," said Mr. Wang.
"I love dancing, when I danced at home, my brother always get fascinated and asked me to teach him, too," said 12-year-old Ruan Xiaoyu, one of the more talented dancers at the school.
Check out the video below to see how they dance

What do you think? should we teach our youngsters how to do it as well?


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