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HK Airline's Beautiful Flight Attendants Are Kung Fu Masters

Sunday, 04.24.2011, 02:52am (GMT-5)

Remember when you board an airplane, and one of those beautiful and sexy flight attendants assists you and shows you your seat, you can't help but to think whether or not you should ask her out? well, you might want to think again, especially when you board Hong Kong Airline' planes.

Hong Kong Airline now requires its flight attendants to learn wing-chun, a form of kung fu, something the airline hopes will help its crew deal with drunk and bad passengers.

Statistically, Hong Kong airline deals with around three to four disruptive passengers every week, according to its spokeswoman Eva Chan.

Wing-chun instructor Katherine Cheung says the martial art is ideal for airline crews, especially women because it can be used in tight, small, and confined spaces like an airplane hallway.

If you are lucky, you might see one of them in action anytime soon. The benefit of the kung-fu training is already being shown:  some time ago, a flight attendant used her move to resolve a conflict on a Beijing-Hong Kong route flight.  Luckily, it didn’t end in the passenger getting the thousand kicks move which would really sucks.

Basically,that  passenger was a huge dude, he had too much drink and got carried away during the flight, and the beautiful flight attendant said she was better able to handle the situation due to her increased confidence from learning the kung fu. 

Check out the pictures and video of the Wing-Chun Art of Kung-Fu being shown below:

Now, still interested in hitting on one of those hot flight attendants? Just be careful, don't get chopped, ok?


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