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Cute Schoolgirl Jumped Off Building Because of School Policy

Monday, 04.23.2012, 08:01pm (GMT-5)

A cute Chinese schoolgirl commits suicide by jumping off her apartment building and died because of her school rules.

This happened in April 2012, this girl was from Shangdong Province Victory Oilfield No.1 Middle School, and the reason was she didn’t want to cut her hair short to obey the school rule of “boys should have crew cuts, girls should have sports cuts”.

Yingying’s father had received a few messages from the school asking him to get his daughter a haircut to comply with her school policy.

He then asked his wife to talk to Yingying about getting a haircut and when Yingying said no, her mother insists that it is impossible to go back to school if she didn't get a haircut.

Yingying then didn't say a word, let alone argue, and before her mother realized what was happening, she opened up the apartment window and jumped off.

Yingying’s father says his daughter’s class teacher has always been very earnest and responsible, as well as caring about his daughter’s education.

The school’s headmaster says having a short haircut is campus culture, and that the school does not take responsibility for this kind of thing happening.

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