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Racist Ad - See Asia Like Asians Do

Monday, 06.25.2012, 09:25pm (GMT-5)

This advertising poster has stirred controversies on the web-world, as you need to do a chinky eyes like Asians in order to see what the poster says.

This ad is made by Ukrainian ad agency called Tabasco, and they intended this for Ukrainians who want to travel to Asia needs to see things the way Asians do.

Not a bad advice, but the way they put it out may have offended some Asians out there.

Look at the poster below, in order to see what it says, you need to squint your eyes like an Asian.
see asia like asians do
racist ad

What do you think of it? is it racist? or it's just plain creative? should Asians feel offended by this ad?


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