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I Thought Asians Were Good Hackers
Wednesday, 07.18.2012, 10:30am
hackerWhen it comes to bootlegging and pirating software, Asians, especially Chinese are top of the pile, above Americans, for sure, and this is exactly why.
Blonde Selling Baby on Facebook For Next Abortion
Sunday, 07.15.2012, 12:06pm
facebook blonde selling babyThis blonde is selling her baby on Facebook to fund her next abortion which means she is pregnant with some douche bag again. Oh Lord.
Grounded and Locked Up Because of Twillight
Friday, 07.13.2012, 06:33pm
twillightPoor Alex, he got grounded by his parents, locked up and had to do a community service because of a movie, Twilight.
Favorite Sex Position? It's Called The Virgin
Friday, 07.13.2012, 11:41am
sex positionEverybody has different preferred sex position, but this girl is truly something else, it's called the virgin. What is it? check it out yourself, LOL
This Vagina is Password Protected
Monday, 07.09.2012, 10:58am
 lockDon't want to look like a slut? password protect your vagina, so not everybody has access to it
The Truth About Facebook Photo Tagging
Tuesday, 06.19.2012, 01:32am
Being photo-tagged by your friends can be very annoying, and there is a good reason for being annoyed.