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Man Fucked a Dead Carp, What... The... Fuck...
Sunday, 08.26.2012, 02:35pm
Nobody in their right mind would ever think about fucking a carp / fish, but this man somehow thought about it and even pulled it off. he should be glad he didn't bleed from the carp's teeth.
Boy and Girl's Reaction to a Break-Up
Saturday, 08.25.2012, 02:18pm
 heartBreak-up always hurt someone, either the boy or the girl, but their reaction is totally different, although both will still need tissues.
Is it Art, Porn or Scary? It's Japan
Wednesday, 08.22.2012, 03:46pm
porn or artJapan is known for producing the world's weirdest shit since no one can remember, but these 'artworks' truly lost me. Are these arts? or porn? or horror? well... it's Japan, nuff said.
Can You Believe This is Not a Photo? It's Ballpoint Pen Drawing
Tuesday, 08.21.2012, 11:47pm
readheadLook at this gorgeous redhead, pretty? yes. Great photo? nope. It's not a photo, it's a ballpoint pen hand-drawn.
Vanessa Hudgens Stripping and Leaked Vulgar Photos
Tuesday, 08.21.2012, 11:01pm
Vanessa Hudgens who made her name on Disney's High School Musical, show off her stripping skills in her new movie and her vulgar photos taken with her cellphone.
10 Year Old Girl Blackmailed With Her Nude Photos
Tuesday, 08.14.2012, 09:45pm
This is exactly why you girls should not post naked in front of webcam for the guy you thought nice, this boy blackmailed a 10 year old girl with her nude photos after she refused to pay him online coins.
AWAS - Arak Bali Sebabkan Kebutaan
Sunday, 08.12.2012, 01:26pm
seorang wisatawan asal Amerika mendadak menderita kebutaan setelah mengonsumsi Arak Bali.
How Reporters Should Report News During Bad Weather
Sunday, 08.12.2012, 12:56pm
Some reporters have fears that they could get flown away by hurricane or typhoon which is normal. This reporter has found a solution to it, and I think it should become a standard.
Teacher Ordered Students to Beat Up a Girl for Talking in Class
Sunday, 08.12.2012, 12:48pm
This crazy teacher was so pissed that Le Le was talking in her class, she ordered her class of 32 students to beat up the poor girl.
Spider Stuck in a Woman's Ear Canal
Thursday, 08.09.2012, 09:07pm
A spider was found in a woman's ear canal as she complained to a doctor that she felt something wrong with her left ear.
Indonesian Zoo Trying to Make an Orangutan to quit Smoking
Thursday, 08.09.2012, 08:00pm
tori, a smoking orangutanTori, a 15 year old Orangutan has been smoking so much lately, an Indonesian zoo is trying to make her quit smoking by relocating her to another cage where visitors can't throw her cigarettes.
Jurus Ampuh Ngintip Celana Dalam Cewek Dari Segi Matematika
Thursday, 08.09.2012, 07:21pm
Ngintip celana dalam butuh jurus ampuh juga, jangan sampai ketahuan, apalagi ditempeleng, para sesepuh Jepang mengasah ilmu ini dan berbagi dengan kita.
The Dark Art of Peeping Up Women's Miniskirts
Thursday, 08.09.2012, 06:26pm
peeping at pantiesThis is like staring at women's cleavage, it's like staring at the sun, too risky, but the Japanese surely has harnessed this skill, and we are here to share it with you.
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