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Robot Seks Akan Segera Menggantikan PSK
Friday, 08.03.2012, 01:55pm
dollPara ahli Selandia Baru kini tengah mengembangkan robot seks berbasis Android yang bakal memenuhi kota Amsterdam pada tahun 2050 nanti.
Taiwanese Babe Posed Naked To Support Country in Olympics
Friday, 08.03.2012, 01:16pm
taiwanese strips nakedThis hot Taiwanese babe truly loves her country, and as her proof, she stripped naked to show her support to Chinese Taipei Olympians.
Hot Athena Cosplay Banned in ChinaJoy For Being Too Sexy
Thursday, 08.02.2012, 07:57pm
athena sexy cosplayThis booth babe dressed up as Athena, and drew lots of attention, but soon she got banned because her cosplay outfit was deemed too sexy and revealing.
ChinaJoy Booth Babe's Head Shaved When She Passed Out
Thursday, 08.02.2012, 07:39pm
china idol head shavedThis is a pretty cruel prank. One of ChinaJoy's booth babes passed out from exhaustion, and while she was unconscious, someone shaved her head.
Going Topless and Show Boobs in NYC is NOT Illegal
Wednesday, 08.01.2012, 11:21pm
topless in New York CityIf a man can be topless and show man-breast anywhere in New York City, why can't women? Moira trying to show the girls that they can go topless too, it's not illegal, right?
Super Sexy Korean Girl Stripping on Webcam Shocked Asia
Wednesday, 08.01.2012, 11:04pm
hot korean girl strippingSuper sexy and beautiful Korean girl stripping on webcam shocked Asia, China in particular and became an overnight internet sensation.
This Woman Might Have Found the Fountain Of Youth
Wednesday, 08.01.2012, 09:59pm
of youthCan you believe this woman is 41 years old? she looks even younger than most women in their 20s here, wanna her secret to keep looking young?
A Surgeon Raped His Female Patient While She Was Unconscious
Wednesday, 08.01.2012, 09:36pm
raped by doctorA surgeon in China took advantage of his female patient and raped her while she was under the influence of anesthetic and unconscious and filmed it while he was doing it.
London 2012 vs Beijing 2008, Which One is Better?
Sunday, 07.29.2012, 11:29am
Beijing vs London olympics ceremonyWe have seen 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony, and there were highs and lows in that event. Personally, even though I enjoyed it, it never pumped me up or gave me goosebumps or pulled the wows out of my mouth like Athens and Sydney did, let alone Beijing.
Woman Turned Away From Salon Because She is Black
Friday, 07.27.2012, 10:47am
turned away because she is blackAccording to Metro, a beauty salon turned away a woman and denied her service because she was black, is that so?
Girl Switches Job to be a Full Time Hooker To Get Back at Cheating Boyfriend
Wednesday, 07.25.2012, 09:40am
After her boyfriend cheated on her with another woman, this girl switched job from an office clerk to be a full time hooker.
Stolen Phone tracked down and Recovered with some Bonus Pics in it
Wednesday, 07.25.2012, 01:47am
phone thiefso, this phone belongs to a Redditor, and it was stolen but then recovered back by the police probably with the phone tracker app to find a missing phone, with some bonus pictures of the thief in it.
Fisherman Found a Crab with Osama Bin Laden's Face
Tuesday, 07.24.2012, 01:46pm
looks like osama bin ladenA fisherman found a freakish crab that looks like the former most wanted terrorist that gunned down in Paskistan, reincarnation?
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