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Kesaksian Orang Indonesia Korban Penembakan Colorado
Monday, 07.23.2012, 08:12am
Inilah kesaksian tiga warga Indonesia menjadi korban insiden penembakan saat pemutaran film perdana Batman 'The Dark Knight Rises' di Denver, Colorado, Amerika Serikat.
Windows vs Linux vs OSX vs FreeBSD - Which One is Best?
Saturday, 07.21.2012, 12:28am
Windows vs Linux vs OSXBuying a computer is such a dilemma, not only hardware wise, but Operating system wise as well. Which one should we use? Microsoft's Windows or Linux or Apple's OSX or Free BSD?
Tips Sahur Supaya Puasa Tidak Lemas
Friday, 07.20.2012, 06:03pm
Saat puasa tubuh mempunyai cadangan energi yang lebih sedikit dari biasanya. Padahal kita tetap dituntut untuk terus beraktivitas seperti biasanya. Jangan sampai gara-gara puasa, produktivitas kita menurun.
Shemale Group Won Award in Anime Festival
Friday, 07.20.2012, 05:40pm
shemale groupDespite the naked cosplay incident related to this girl, the Anime and Cartoon Festival has been a success with shemale performers stealing the show.
Hot Chun-Li of Street Fighter
Friday, 07.20.2012, 05:30pm
chun-li cosplayWho doesn't know Chun-Li, one of the very first femme-fatales who graces the Street Fighter series? there have been many cosplay girls playing her but I don't think any of them fits that character more than this girl.
Hottest Euro 2012 Fans Gallery
Friday, 07.20.2012, 05:19pm
The hottest Euro 2012 fans and babes gallery, feast your eyes.
Rest In Peace to Those Who Lost Their Lives at Colorado Shooting
Friday, 07.20.2012, 03:31pm
RIP colorado shooting victimsIn loving memory of those who did not make it at the Aurora, Colorado shooting during 'The Dark Knight Rises' premiere.
Classless Celeb Boutique Took Advantage of Colorado Shooting via Twitter
Friday, 07.20.2012, 02:05pm
colorado celeb boutique twittera classless twit by Celeb Boutique drew fire from other twitter users that they are being ignorant towards the victim of Colorado shooting incident.
Girl Escaped Last Month's Eaton Shooting But Killed in the Colorado Shooting
Friday, 07.20.2012, 01:29pm
Jessica Redfield killed in Colorado shootingJessica Redfield escaped and survived the Eaton Center shooting last month but cannot repeat the feat and killed in the Colorado 'Dark Knight Rises' shooting.
Colorado 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooter Egged by 9GAG?
Friday, 07.20.2012, 01:01pm
dark knight rises colorado shooting 9GAG egged the shooter to do the killing in the Colorado movie theater during The Dark Knight rises?
Someone Might be Taking Pictures of Your Boobs or Panties Out There
Friday, 07.20.2012, 12:10pm
 pictureInternet world in Serbia has been shocked by a veteran man taking candid pictures of more than 10,000 women and posted them in a Serbian forum.
How to Catch Snatchers
Friday, 07.20.2012, 11:42am
 to catch snatchersYour bag or pulse always got snatched by snatchers? angry and want to catch them? here is the step by step how to catch snatchers by setting up a trap, good luck and be careful, don't risk your life
Man Looking For a Date to Watch Dark Knight Rises... With a Catch
Friday, 07.20.2012, 11:32am
dark knight rises premiereThis person has extra ticket to spare to watch The Dark Knight Rises, wanna go? there is a little catch though.
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