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Father Bites Off Son's Penis For Refusing to Blow Him
Thursday, 07.19.2012, 12:16pm
father bit off son's penisA father bit off his son's penis after the son refused to blow his penis in front of watching public on a bridge.
Super Short Mini Skirts Get 50% OFF Theme Park Admission
Thursday, 07.19.2012, 11:25am
skirts get discountWomen 18+ with mini skirts shorter than 38cm can get 50% off admission to this theme park.
Cosplay Girl Arrested For Going Naked at Anime Festival
Thursday, 07.19.2012, 11:07am
cosplay girl went nakedA teenage female Cosplay player suddenly went naked at Anime Festival and taken away and arrested by the security
Bodyguard Fired After Grabbing Singer's Breasts
Thursday, 07.19.2012, 10:36am
singer boobs grabbedThis bodyguard got fired after he grabbed his boss' boobs, a popular singer during a chaos in concert.
I Thought Asians Were Good Hackers
Wednesday, 07.18.2012, 10:30am
hackerWhen it comes to bootlegging and pirating software, Asians, especially Chinese are top of the pile, above Americans, for sure, and this is exactly why.
Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's Super Hot CEO Gallery
Wednesday, 07.18.2012, 09:55am
marissa mayerMarrisa Mayer, super hot blonde just appointed CEO of Yahoo, so.. whoever said that blondes are dumb? this is one hot, gorgeous and smart blonde indeed.
Ciri-Ciri Seseorang Naksir Kamu dan Menginginkanmu
Wednesday, 07.18.2012, 09:26am
Jika kamu bertanya-tanya apakah seseorang jatuh cinta padamu, bahkan tergila-gila denganmu, maka ujilah ia lewat beberapa tanda berikut ini.
Pasangan Mati Kecelakaan Setelah Memasang Foto Pocong di Facebook
Wednesday, 07.18.2012, 09:03am
Pasangan suami istri menjadi korban tewas kecelakaan mobil travel setelah memasang foto bergambar pocong di akun Facebook-nya dan berfirasat bakal mati dalam 80 hari.
Fisikawan Indonesia Terlibat Dalam Penemuan Partikel Tuhan Higgs Bosson
Wednesday, 07.18.2012, 08:58am
Dunia fisika dikejutkan dengan penemuan partikel Higgs Bosson. Selama ini keberadaan partikel ini hanya ada dalam model teori standar. "Tanpa partikel ini tak ada akan ada berat, maka tak ada alam semesta. Tak akan ada apa-apa,"
17yo Girl Tortured by Her Giant 34K Boobs
Tuesday, 07.17.2012, 02:19pm
huge boobs17 year old Ellie Jaycock said that her giant boobs, measuring 34K are hurting her and ruining her life.
Holding Your Pee Can Be Very Bad, This is Why
Tuesday, 07.17.2012, 02:14pm
When you need to go to pee, do it, don't hold it, don't let what happened to this girl happens to you. It's embarrassing and disgusting.
Why Some Men Stay Single
Tuesday, 07.17.2012, 02:08pm
why men stay singleSome men ready to settle down in their 30s, but some others will never settle down even though they are getting older and fatter, this is exactly why.
How China Prevents Its Students From Cheating
Monday, 07.16.2012, 08:10pm
how china deals with cheating studentsStudents cheating during exam is common, but in China, it's rampant, so how do China deal with it? I can just say that it's amazing, highly recommended
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